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Enjoy the discussion about local issues affecting Gift Plantation, Johns Island SC, and close by historic Charleston SC. This blog is provided to generate discussion and communications among our home owners.

Let's run a survey to get community opinion on TRAFFIC

Hubert Hopkins - Sunday, November 23, 2008

The I-526 Extension creates Strong Views

Let's see what the Gift Plantation community thinks about this issue of TRAFFIC on Johns Island

Click Here to Take Our Traffic Survey 

See the results, click here!

Arguments are going strong on whether finishing the Mark Clark Expressway will harm the environment and ruin the rural character of Johns Island.  On the other side of the argument, there is some potential to speed our trip into downtown Charleston and reduce our traffic for a few years. We all know that traffic is growing rapidly on Johns Island. Getting on and off the island is almost as bad as before our two new bridges were built to replace the unreliable swing bridges.  Those old swing bridges were the ultimate growth prevention measure, but now that they are history, we are forced to deal with growing traffic and development issues. 

My guess is that most of us want to preserve the rural beauty of Johns Island and none of us want any more traffic. There are probably some in the community that want more close-by conveniences.  No one wants to intentionally harm the environment, but there must be many of us that believe the environment can be "modified" a little to make room for roads and other "necessities" of modern life. 

Click Here to Take Our Traffic Survey

See the results, click here!

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